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KIT Deer Rump Bottle Opener- Mounting Kit (KIT-119)

KIT Deer Rump Bottle Opener- Mounting Kit

Make your own Deer Rump Bottle Opener With This DIY Taxidermy Kit.

Did you harvest a deer this year? If so, why not make your own deer rump bottle opener with this handy mounting kit. Mount it as a “stand-alone” Deer Butt or “Blow your friends minds” by adding a bottle opener!

The kit includes a comprehensive Deer Butt Mounting DVD by Dan Rinehart and the following necessary components to make your own deer rump opener:

  • Hide Paste
  • Tanning Cream
  • Taxidermy Wire
  • Deer Butt Manikin
  • Bottle Opener
  • Professionally produced instructional DVD
  • Taxidermy Clay
  • Screws
  • Brass Hanger 
Mount your own Deer Butt Bottle Opener! Or give that hard to shop for person on your list the gift of deer butt!

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